Charlottetown, PEI Airport

The mission of Charlottetown Airport Authority (CAA) is to operate a safe, efficient, competitive, and financial viable airport that meets the needs of Prince Edward Island, the travelling public and its aviation clients.  The airport averages more than 300,000 passengers per year. 

CAA is a true community airport.  As an integral part of the community the organization builds on the commitment to support worthy community initiatives such as Habitat for Humanity Build Day, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation, the United Way and more. The Commissionaires at CAA are part of the CAA family as well, and they go a long way towards ensuring travellers have a safe, secure, and positive experience at the airport. 

Charlottetown Airport Authority (CAA) Overview

Annual Passengers:  Avg. 315,000/year

Established:  CAA assumed operational responsibility in 1999

City of Charlottetown population: 35,000

Variety of Responsibilities

The Charlottetown Airport, like most airports nowadays, places a high priority on safety and security.  However, they also emphasize the open, friendly atmosphere their airport provides to Charlottetown residents or travellers passing through their facilities.

Commissionaires have an important role in fulfilling both goals, says Shelley Christian, Vice President of Operations at the Charlottetown Airport Authority.

“When they are not providing superior customer service to our passengers and guests, they are delivering top-notch security, ensuring there are no threats inside or outside the terminal building,” says Christian.

“The Commissionaires do such a great job at being ambassadors for our Airport that we find we need to ensure our clients understand that they are primarily here to ensure the environment, inside and outside, is safe and secure.  Sometimes that can be overshadowed by the great work they do perform on the customer service side of things,” says Christian.


Fifteen Commissionaires have provided a safe environment at CAA for 17 years. They provide this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

“In general, we typically have a Commissionaire at various points around the airport as well as outside in front of the terminal building.  We like to believe that we are a friendly airport focused on providing a positive passenger experience, but sometimes this can be challenging when we operate in a highly regulated environment, especially as it relates to security,” Christian says. “Commissionaires are able to balance the two in a professional manner that sets us apart from other airports.”

Feedback from travellers, the Charlottetown community, as well as internal staff is very positive.  “Commissionaires bring a high level of professionalism to their work and their efforts have an immense impact on our reputation as well as well as our brand,” says Christian. “We receive compliments about them almost on a daily basis.”