Why Join Commissionaires

Variety of Industries

Commissionaires keep airports, seaports, government facilities, campuses, hospitals and other businesses secure.  Whether it’s a courthouse, border crossing or government building, you’ll be helping make Canada safer.  Commissionaires work in a variety of industries, including:

-Government                                -Healthcare facilities

-Private businesses                       -Seaports

-Law enforcement                         -Airports

-Campuses                                   -Condominiums

-Heavy industry and construction           


Variety of Career Opportunities

You’ll have challenging duties in a range of roles:

  • Non-core police services and bylaw enforcement supporting safety in communities
  • Patrol officers – patrolling and searching premises for any suspicious persons, vehicles or materials
  • Security guards – protecting confidential areas and equipment and securing facilities, controlling visitor access and CCTV/video monitoring
  • Mobile patrol – patrolling premises and surrounding grounds in a Commissionaires vehicle
  • Alarm and security system response
  • Fingerprinting